Washing Tips


In the rush to use that piece you love, he often puts it with the rest of the laundry basket and throws it in the machine anyway. Know that this is one of the most common mistakes when cleaning clothes. "Whoever wants to keep them any longer, should avoid doing this in any way," says Paulo Ricardo, operational manager of Prima Clean, an express laundry service company in São Paulo. Know the top ten mistakes when washing clothes and how to avoid them with expert tips.

Neglect tags:

"It sounds like bullshit, but the washing symbols exist just so you can understand the best way to keep that piece. Ignoring these instructions can lead you to do something that can cause irremediable damage to your parts. "

Ignore the color difference:

"White clothes should never be washed together with the colored ones. If you do, surely the lighter ones will be stained. Even if the colored clothes do not release paint, the white gets a discolored yellowish appearance in contact with the other pieces. "

Mix pieces of personal use with household use:

"Clothes for personal use should be washed separately from kitchen pieces, cleaning cloths, animal blankets. Tablecloths and dish cloths usually have leftover food and grease residues and may stain other pieces. Cleaning cloths and animal blankets carry a stronger type of dirt and need a heavier type of washing, which can damage ordinary clothes. "

Do not check the degree of dirt:

"The very dirty parts require a bigger work and a more aggressive process, getting more worn. With little dirt, there is no need to go through a heavier wash, that is, it is a damage that can be dispensed with. The ideal is to wash the very dirty ones separately. "

Exaggerate in the soap powder:

"Understand that it is not the excess soap that will clean your clothes, so do not abuse the quantity. The more detergent you put on your clothes, the more they will need to be rinsed and can fade. In addition, if there is some foam residue on the parts, sensitive skin people may have allergies. "

Use water for washing at undue temperature:

"Some washing machines have hot water, which helps a lot in cleaning. However, people do not use it correctly. Note that the new digital machines have the prewash, stage in which the water does not heat because the stains and dirt should be removed first with cold water. If you put hot water on the first wash, instead of removing stains and dirt you can aggravate them, resulting in an apparent stain. Therefore, it is important to always use the pre-wash with cold water and then use hot water as a complement to the cleaning. "

Abuse of bleaches:

"Do not believe in miracle tricks to remove stains. There are fabrics that fade and even tear with the use of unsuitable products or household items. "

Leave plenty of time to soak:

"Only extremely dirty pieces need gravy. In addition, the contact of the parts with the water and the soap for a long time can cause stains or fade the colors. "

Forgetting the softener:

"The amount should be small, but this product is indispensable. The wash hardens the fibers of the clothes, which makes them unpleasant to the touch and more difficult to pass. "

Spending dirty clothes:

"One of the most common mistakes is to wear clothes without washing. Even though they seem to be cleaned by a single use, there may be some less apparent dirt and the hot iron can fix it forever, leaving that stain unpleasant. "